Research Themes

The Center for Networked Systems (CNS) is pursuing a portfolio of large and small multi-disciplinary projects. Each project attacks a critical technical problem or framework. All contribute to our technical capability to build robust, secure, manageable, and open networked systems.

Key CNS Research Themes

  • Robustness Understanding networked system properties which enable flexible connection (composition) and sharing of networks, grids, and networked system applications while ensuring predictable performance, reliability, quality, and efficiency.
  • System and Application Security Technologies and architectures which enable applications and networked systems to be secured or protected against unauthorized use, observation, or denial of service.
  • Manageability Understanding, technologies, and architectures which reduce the effort required to understand, design, operate, use, and administer networked systems.
  • Application/End-User Quality Understanding, technologies, and architectures which provide both capabilities and understanding of application performance and end-user quality of experience; particularly in large-scale and open systems.