CNS Corporate Membership

CNS corporate membership is open to companies with research interests involving storage system design, network measurement, and traffic analysis, wireless networking, programming language design, cyber-physical security, data-center networking, cybercrime analytics, and scalable data processing. The standard CNS annual membership gift level is $20,000. Companies under 500 employees should contact us to discuss reduced membership giving levels.

Corporate Membership with CNS includes the following privileges:
Invitation for two representatives to the annual CNS Research Review.
Membership recognition (name/logo) in print and on our website, including in materials for the CNS
Research Review.                                                                                                                                                                         
Notices and recordings of CNS lectures.
Opportunity to explore and discuss potential sponsored research of mutual interest.

For questions about becoming a corporate member of CNS, please email

Membership Brochure for the Center for Networked Systems at UC San Diego.