CNS membership structure and benefits

CNS is supported by annual membership fees and is open to all companies that have interests in the areas of storage system design, network measurement and traffic analysis, wireless networking, programming language design, cyber-physical security, data-center networking, cybercrime analytics, and scalable data processing. Link to the membership benefits virtual brochure.

Membership BenefitsSponsor Level $100,000 +Affiliate Level $20,000+
Invitation to the annual CNS Research Review at UC San Diego.XX
Marketing placement at the CNS Research Review.XX
Notices and recordings of CNS lectures.XX
Membership recognition in print and on our website. XX
Technical and research relationships with faculty and graduate students, including jointly published papers and open-source software releases.X
Direct connection to advertise company employment opportunities to CSE and ECE graduate students working in systems and networking research. X
Annual visit of CNS researchers to your company to explore possible collaborations. X
Potential opportunity for a researcher at your company to be a visiting scholar at CNS. X

For questions about becoming a member of CNS, please email