CNS Grace Hopper Celebration Travel Grant

Mounika Padala 2023 Award Recipient
Grace Hopper Computer Scientist 1906-1992
Grace Hopper
Computer Scientist

The Grace Hopper Celebration is a series of conferences to bring the research and career interests of women and non-binary people in computing to the forefront. Leaders in different computer science and information technology subfields present their latest work. At the same time, special sessions focus on the role of women and non-binary people in information technology, computer science and engineering, and research. This is the premier event for women and non-binary people in computing to advance their careers, mentor or find a mentor, network with prospective employers, meet new research collaborators, and give back to the computing community.

Since 2011, the CNS Grace Hopper Travel Grant has supported the efforts of women and non-binary people in computing at UC San Diego by paying full travel and conference expenses for graduate students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration as representatives of CNS. Thanks to the CSE DEI Committee, this travel grant was funded in 2023.

To qualify, applicants must be:

  • Must be a CSE graduate student or in other computing-related fields of study.
  • Currently active in CNS (i.e., attending CNS events, working on a CNS project, and/or working with a CNS faculty member or researcher).
  • Submit a statement (300 words or less) for why you should be chosen to represent CNS at this event.

  • For more information, please email

    Past travel grant recipients are:

    2011: Neha Chachra, Ph.D.’14, CSE
    2012: Christine Chan, Ph.D.’16, ECE
    2012: Shikha Jain, M.S.’13, CSE
    2013: Karyn Benson, Ph.D.’16, CSE
    2013: Xinxin Jin, Ph.D.,’16, CSE
    2013: Natalie Larson, Ph.D.’15, CSE
    2014: Soohyun Nam Liao, Ph.D., CSE
    2014: Malveeka Tewari, Ph.D.’15, CSE
    2015: Vicky Papavasileiou, Ph.D., CSE
    2016: Mansi Malik, M.S.,’17, CSE
    2017: Ariana Mirian, Ph.D., CSE
    2017: Stephanie Chen, M.S., CSE
    2018: Nadah Fateih, M.S., ’18, CSE
    2023: Mounika Padala, M.S., ’23, CSE