Prepayment and Travel Reimbursement

Whenever possible, begin the travel reimbursement process BEFORE you take the trip:
  1. Preplanning travel saves time during the post-travel reconciliation process so that you are reimbursed more quickly.
  2. Some expenses (airfare, hotel deposits, and conference registration) may be prepaid by the university so that the traveler never needs to spend money. Read more about prepayment options below.
  3. Please register for UC San Diego’s free travel insurance, this can only be done before travel.
Before You Travel
  1. Obtain in writing an index, from your advisor, authorizing payment for the travel expenses.
  2. The University will reimburse faculty, staff, and students for expenses incurred when traveling on official University business. Such expenses include:
    • Meals – the maximum US amount allowed for meals and incidental expenses is $62 per day.
    • Foreign Per Diem
    • Hotel/Lodging (if a room is shared, each traveler must submit a separate receipt and get reimbursed individually.)  Effective October 15, 2017, the UC maximum lodging rate for reimbursement is $275 before taxes and mandatory hotel fees.
    • Ground Transportation (taxi, train, bus, etc.)
    • Airfare
    • Car Rental
    • Car Mileage
    • Parking Fees
    • Tolls
    • Registration Fees
    • Wifi fees
  3. Any necessary and proper expenses not included above may also be reimbursed.
  4. Estimate your travel expenses and email an itemized list of your expenses to the CNS Administrative Assistant and she/he will enter your trip into the travel system. An “event number” will be generated and forwarded to you. This event number can be used to make airfare reservations in Connexxus and to register for travel insurance.
  5. Airfare Reservations: For all of your airfare reservations use the UC Travel System, Connexxus.  You do not have to use your personal credit card to purchase airfare, use your event number in Connexxus to book your flight.  Connexxus FAQ
  6. Register for UC San Diego Travel Insurance. UC business travel insurance is automatic when booking through Connexxus (BCD/Balboa Travel). If booking travel through Southwest (SWABIZ) or by other means complete this coverage form.
  7. When your trip is completed you will be reimbursed for your expenses, but the following prepayment options may be available per your request:
    1.  Hotel: if reserving a hotel 30 days prior to travel, reserve the room and ask for the amount of the room rate and any applicable taxes. Provide a personal credit card number to hold the room and ask for a confirmation number. Provide your confirmation number and the total room rate (with taxes and fees) to the CNS Administrative Assistant.  Payment will be sent directly from UCSD to the hotel.
    2. Conference Fee: If paying more than 30 days before your conference, register for your conference and let the conference organizers know that you will be paying by check directly from UCSD.  Provide confirmation of your registration and the total due to the CNS Administrative Assistant. A check will be sent directly from UCSD to the Conference organization.  If you are paying for a local conference and you have no other travel reimbursements, let the CNS Administrative Assistant know because this will be prepaid with another payment method.
During Travel
Save all receipts during your travel.
  1. Receipts are required for reimbursement.
  2. Only submit receipts for expenditures that were incurred for yourself. The University does not allow an individual to submit receipt expenses incurred on behalf of another faculty member or student.
  3. Lodging receipts must contain the itemized charges for the room (taxes, phone, meals, etc.).
  4. Meal receipts should be itemized. Separate receipts that show the tip amount can be submitted also. Alcohol is not an allowable expense.
  5.  We follow the Jacobs School of Engineering requirements provided here: Jacobs School of Engineering Travel Receipt Requirements – Effective 1.1.18
After Travel
  1. Please ask the CNS Administrative Assistant for a travel reimbursement form and turn it in with your original receipts.
  2. For student business-related travel, please complete the Student Certification for Business-Related Travel form and turn it in with your travel reimbursement form and original receipts.
  3. UC San Diego requires that your expenses be submitted within 21 days of the event.
  4. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Jennifer Folkestad in room 2208 or