Securing the Network

Sandy Fraser – Fraiser Research

[Not recorded]


Sandy FraserInternet security has become a national concern. This talk will describe a research project to develop a network structure with substantially improved protection against host-based attacks on the network┬╣s core infrastructure. The design also provides network users with tools which help them put up a plausible defense. Much of the mechanism was inspired by architectural components found in computing systems. Considering that there has been and continues to be much research directed towards internet evolution, this project started with no apriore constraints on the design but sought to discover what could be achieved if network evolution was not a concern. Having identified design possibilities, a specific design is now being created with evolution in mind.


Sandy Fraser, former head of AT&T research, now head of Fraser research will discuss his current work new internet design. He’s working on an alternative to IP, what he calls the “global ethernet”.