The Center for Networked Systems (CNS), founded in July 2004, is a center within the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at UC San Diego.  It fosters a collaborative environment for researchers and industry members to focus on the complex problems posed by modern networked systems.  Our leading faculty, researchers, graduate students, and company members explore and solve critical technical issues as recognized by both industry and academia. CNS has quickly developed and demonstrated world-class capabilities in data-driven systems science and security and privacy for connected systems.


The Center for Networked Systems aims to bring together leading faculty, graduate students, and companies to investigate the most challenging, interesting, and relevant issues in computer networks and security and privacy for connected systems, and to train our students to continue their leadership throughout their careers.

What We Do

The Center looks for opportunities to combine our research talents and strengths in partnership with key industry leaders to achieve the following:

  • Execute breakthrough research to dramatically advance networks and networked systems technology
  • Inspire, design, and demonstrate robust technologies that enable readily usable, flexible, manageable, and extensible networks and networked systems of increasing performance and scale
  • Develop robust networks and networked systems grounded in measurement-based understanding and large-scale evaluation
  • Accelerate the rapid advance and widespread adoption of web and networked systems
  • Leverage our unique set of capabilities, relationships and domain knowledge in the field of cybercrime
  • Expand upon our early successes in the area of embedded security
  • Continue our record of directly engaging policymakers and influencing policy where our research provides clear and relevant findings, and
  • Educate the next generation of top students with a perspective and focus on industrially relevant research.

Key CNS Research Themes

  • Robustness Understanding networked system properties which enable flexible connection (composition) and sharing of networks, grids, and networked system applications while ensuring predictable performance, reliability, quality, and efficiency.
  • System and Application Security Technologies and architectures which enable applications and networked systems to be secured or protected against unauthorized use, observation, or denial of service.
  • Manageability Understanding, technologies, and architectures which reduce the effort required to understand, design, operate, use, and administer networked systems.
  • Application/End-User Quality Understanding, technologies, and architectures which provide both capabilities and understanding of application performance and end-user quality of experience; particularly in large-scale and open systems.