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After 10 Weeks, CSE Students Demonstrate 3D, Networked Multiplayer Games - CSE professor Geoffrey M. Voelker teaches CSE 125 each spring, The course on “Software System Design and Implementation” gave 32 seniors an opportunity to showcase everything they learned in the past four years. Nominally, the course is a 10-week project to build a … Continue reading
CSE Presence at Upcoming PLDI 2017 - The ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2017) will get underway on June 19 in Barcelona, Spain. It’s a premier forum for all areas of programming language research, including design, implementation, theory and efficient use of … Continue reading
CSE Students and Professors Stage Major Presence at SIGMOD 2017 - CSE had a major presence at this year’s ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD), the premier venue for research in data management. The 2017 meeting took place in mid-May in Chicago jointly with PODS, the premier international … Continue reading
Researchers Find Computer Code that Volkswagen Used to Cheat Emissions Tests - An international team of researchers has uncovered the mechanism that allowed Volkswagen to circumvent U.S. and European emission tests over at least six years before the Environmental Protection Agency put the company on notice in 2015 for violating the Clean … Continue reading
CSE Alumnus Leverages Machine Learning to Help Companies (and Hometown) Grow - UC San Diego computer science alumnus Matthew Der (Ph.D. ’15) was one of the few fresh graduates from the Computer Science and Engineering department who did not opt to work for a West Coast technology giant like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook or Google … Continue reading
Making Parsers More Accessible - Ph.D. candidate Alan Leung (M.S. ’13) says he likes to create tools that “make it easier to build complex systems reliably.” These include a tool for automating the construction of parsers — programs that extract structure from strings — for context-free … Continue reading
Jacobs School, CSE Honor Recently Appointed Endowed Chair Holders - CSE and the Jacobs School of Engineering are celebrating two CSE professors who were awarded endowed chairs in the past year. The appointments of professors Tajana Rosing and Stefan Savage, both of whom are affiliated with the Center for Networked … Continue reading
CNS Researchers Help Google Fight Abusive Pins on Google Maps - A partnership between computer scientists in the Center for Networked Systems (CNS) at UC San Diego and Google has allowed the search giant to reduce by 70 percent fraudulent business listings in Google Maps. The researchers worked together to analyze … Continue reading
Recent Computer Science Faculty Hire Joins Center for Networked Systems - Arun Kumar Works on Advanced Analytics at Intersection of Data Management and Machine Learning On April 3, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) assistant professor Arun Kumar began teaching his first undergraduate course since joining the UC San Diego faculty in … Continue reading
Computer Scientists Honored for ‘Tracing’ Research That Stood 10-Year Test of Time - Faculty from UC San Diego, Brown University, and UC Berkeley Share in Networked Systems Award At the USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI) this week in Boston, Mass., a team of researchers accepted an award for the … Continue reading

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