BGPStream / kc claffy

BGP is a crucial operational component of the Internet infrastructure and is the subject of fun- damental research in many areas of Internet science (performance, security, topology, protocols, economy, etc.). However, before we released BGPStream 1.0 last year [1], there was no standard and easy way of processing large amounts of BGP measurement data. BGPStream fills this gap by making available a set of software APIs and tools for processing large amounts of live and historical data, thus supporting investigation of specific events, rapid prototyping, and building complex tools and efficient large-scale monitoring applications. Feedback from academia, industry and operators helped us to identify priorities in the development of BGPStream to better serve the networking community. Specifically, we identified four areas of improvement: (i) support for multiple types of live data sources; (ii) data filtering capabilities; (iii) support for development in other languages other than C and Python (such as Java, Go, and C++); (iv) publishing binary packages for the most commonly used operating system distributions. We briefly motivate and illustrate such planned improvements in the next section. (PI: Alberto)

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