Sora: High Performance Software Radio

A fully programmable software radio platform on commodity PC architectures, Sora combines the performance and fidelity of hardware SDR platforms with the programmability and flexibility of general-purpose processor (GPP) SDR platforms. By using both hardware and software techniques, it addresses the challenges of using PC architectures for high-speed SDR and has been used to drive ambitious system research on future wireless networks.

Developed by UCSD professor/CNS faculty member Geoffrey M. Voelker and his colleagues at Microsoft Research Lab Beijing, Sora is the first purely software-based WiFi radio platform running on a PC. In 2019, the team behind Sora was awarded the Test of Time award at the 6th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation. The award is given for work at least a decade prior that has had a lasting impact on the field.




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