CNS Graduate Student Once Again Breaks World Record!

Michael Conley, a PhD student in the CSE department, once again won a data sort world record in multiple categories while competing in the annual Sort Benchmark competition. Leading a team that included Professor George Porter and Dr. Amin Vahdat, Conley employed a sorting system called Tritonsort that was designed not only to achieve record breaking speed but also to maximize system resource utilization. Tritonsort tied for the “Daytona Graysort” category and won outright in both the “Daytona” and “Indy” categories of the new “Cloudsort” competition. To underscore the effectiveness of their system resource utilization scheme as compared to the far more resource intensive methods followed by their competitors, it’s interesting to note that the 2011 iteration of Tritonsort still holds the world record for the “Daytona” and “Indy” categories of the “Joulesort” competition.

To see all the details about the competition, read here.

And to read about Tritonsort, see this article (pdf).