CNS Researchers Break Data Sort World Record

In spring 2010, a CNS research team using switches donated by member
company Cisco built TritonSort, a data sorting system designed for a
single purpose: breaking a world record. The team consisted of CSE
Professor Amin Vahdat, Assistant Research Scientist George Porter,
post-doctoral researcher Harsha Madhyastha, Researcher Alex Pucher, and
CSE PhD students Alex Rasmussen, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, and Michael
Conley. Research teams from all over the world annually vie to claim the
top position in the competition they entered, the Sort Benchmark, which
measures the performance of systems that execute very large data sorts.
After months of hard work, the group surpassed their original ambitions
by claiming the world data sorting record in one category while tying
for the record in another.

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