Five Years On, Car Hacking Research Still Triggering Alarms

Research dating back to 2010 in the lab of CSE Prof. Stefan Savage is still making headlines. In an article published by dozens of newspapers this week, the Associated Press reported that hackers are still able to hack automotive systems from a distance — forcing Fiat Chrysler to become the first automaker to recall cars to patch a cybersecurity problem. It recalled 1.4 million Jeeps after a Jeep in St. Louis was hacked by “white hat” hackers using a laptop in Pittsburgh.

In the AP article, CSE alumnus Yoshi Kono, who worked with Savage and continues to work on cybersecurity as a professor at the University of Washington, notes that the “adversary only needs to find one way to compromise the system, where a defender needs to protect against all ways” of hacking a car.

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