Open-Source Hardware for Datacenter Networking Research

UCSD Postdoc Researcher Alex Forencich has developed Corundum—a novel FPGA-based network interface card
Modern networked computer servers transfer information at rates of hundreds of gigabits per second. Operation at these data rates requires dedicated hardware in the form of the network interface. The development of new features requires a flexible, programmable, hardware prototyping platform. To address this need, UCSD postdoc researcher Alex Forencich developed Corundum—a novel FPGA-based network interface card. Corundum enables the development of advanced network interfaces, architectures, and protocols. It is currently being used to investigate how the precise control of packet transmission can improve network performance. Corundum was published at Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) in May 2020.

Link to Corundum GitHub repository