Summer Interns 2007

  • Analysis and Design of Temperature Aware Schedulers for Multiprocessor

    Student: Ayse Kivilcim Cosckun
    Sun Microsystems Supervisors: Keith Whisnant and Kenny Gross
    Advisor: Tajana Simunic Rosing

  • Analyzing SQL Query Logs Using XML

    Student: Nathan Bales
    AT&T Supervisors: Ted Johnson, Lukasz Golab, and Mary Fernandez
    Advisor: Alin Deutsch

  • Application of Coding in the Internet

    Student: Rohit Sunkam Ramanujam
    AT&T Supervisors: Oliver Spatscheck and Shubho Sen
    Advisor: Bill Lin

  • Efficient Algorithms for Analyzing Traffic

    Student: Chia-Wei Chang
    AT&T Supervisor: Jia Wang
    Advisor: Bill Lin

  • Flotrek

    Student: Nikolaos Trogkanis
    Qualcomm Supervisor: Noel Richardson
    Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantinou

  • Qualcomm Team Internship Program

    Student: Edoardo Regini
    Qualcomm Supervisor: Adam Ward
    Advisor: Tajana Simunic Rosing

  • Qualcomm Team Internship Program, Performance, Capacity,
    AV Quality Co-Relation Characterization

    Student: Elio Dammagio
    Qualcomm Supervisor: Ramesh Sathyanarayana
    Advisor: Alin Deutsch

  • Workload Characterization in Solaris for Multi-Core Architectures

    Student: Gaurav Dhiman
    Sun Microsystems Supervisors: Darrin Johnson, Eric Saxe
    Advisor: Tajana Simunic-Rosing

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