Summer Interns 2016

  • Company: Google
    Project: Sorting Large Data Sets on Google’s Cluster Infrastructure
    Student: Rob McGuinness
    Company Supervisor: Steve Gribble, Mike Conley and Amin Vahdat
    Advisor: George Porter
  • Company: IBM
    Project: NA
    Student: Alex Forencich
    Company Supervisor:
    Advisor: NA
  • Company: Facebook
    Project: Security Research
    Student: Louis Dekoven
    Company Supervisor: Mark Hammell and Nektarious Leontiadis
    Advisor: Stefan Savage, Geoff Voelker
  • Company: Microsoft Research
    Project:  (Confidential)
    Student: Amirsaman Memaripour
    Company Supervisor: Anirudh Badam
    Advisor: Steven Swanson
  • Company: Uber
    Project: FasTrak good user model
    Student: Sunjay Cauligi
    Company Supervisor: Tao Peng
    Advisor:  Stefan Savage and Geoff Voelker
  • Company: Facebook
    Project: NA
    Student:  Panagiotis Vekris
    Company Supervisor: Aveek Chaudhuri
    Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
  • Company: Microsoft Research
    Project: NA
    Student:  Marc Andrysco
    Company Supervisor:
    Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
  • Company: Bloomberg
    Project: Haskell Infrastructure at Bloomberg
    Student:  Eric Seidel
    Company Supervisor: Mario Longobardi
    Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
  • Company: Awake Networks
    Project: NA
    Student:  Niki Vazou
    Company Supervisor:
    Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
  • Company: Qualcomm
    Project: Isolating Linux device drivers using software-based fault isolation
    Student:  Zhaomo Yang
    Company Supervisor: Robert Turner
    Advisor: Kirill Levchenko
  • Company: Facebook
    Project: Datacenter fault detection 
    Student:  Arjun Roy
    Company Supervisor: James Zeng
    Advisor: Alex Snoeren