Summer Interns 2021

  • Company: Brave Software
    Project: Trackers Bounce Back
    Student: Audrey Randall
    Company Supervisor: Pete Snyder
    Advisor: Aaron Schulman, Geoffrey Voelker, and Stefan Savage
  • Company: Correct Computation
    Project: Binary Analysis and Static Analysis
    Student: Craig Disselkoen
    Company Supervisor: Michael Hicks
    Advisor: Deian Stefan and Dean Tullsen
  • Company: Google
    Project: Function Specialization
    Student: Li Zhong
    Company Supervisor: Snehasish Kumar, Sotiris Apostolakis
    Advisor: YY Zhou
  • Company: Intel
    Project: NA
    Student: Suyash Mahar
    Company Supervisor: Sanjay K. Kumar
    Advisor: Steven Swanson
  • Company: Intel
    Project: Accelerating Persistent Memory Software with DSA
    Student: Juno Kim
    Company Supervisor: Andy Rudoff, Piotr Balcer
    Advisor: Steven Swanson
  • Company: Microsoft Gray System Lab (GSL)
    Project: Computation Reuse in Analytics Job Service at Microsoft
    Student: Rana Alotaibi
    Company Supervisor: Alekh Jindal
    Advisor: Alin Deutsch
  • Company: Microsoft Gray System Lab (GSL)
    Project: Data Management and Machine Learning System
    Student: Yuhao Zhang
    Company Supervisor: Rathijit Sen
    Advisor: Arun Kumar
  • Company: Microsoft Research
    Project: Memory Management in Serverless Databases
    Student: Supun Nakandala
    Company Supervisor: Vivek Naraasyya
    Advisor: Arun Kumar
  • Company: Microsoft Research
    Project: Web-based framework for interactive and automated processing of PCB manufacturing data
    Student: Jorge Garza
    Company Supervisor: Steve Hodges
    Advisor: Steven Swanson
  • Company: NYU
    Project: Stalkerware Apps
    Student: Enze “Alex” Liu
    Company Supervisor: Professor Damon McCoy
    Advisor: Geoffrey Voelker and Stefan Savage
  • Company: VMware Research
    Project: NA
    Student: Yi Xu
    Company Supervisor: Alex Conway
    Advisor: Steven Swanson
  • Company: VMware Research
    Project: User-level thread scheduling for Remote Memory
    Student: Anil Yelam
    Company Supervisor: Radhika Niranjan Mysore and Marcos K. Aguilera
    Advisor: Alex Snoeren