Winners of 2012 Grace Hopper Travel Grant – Christine Chan and Shikha Jain!

CNS is happy to announce two winners for this year’s Grace Hopper Travel Grant contest: Christine Chan and Shikha Jain.
Christine, an ECE PhD student who works with Professor Tajana Rosing, stated in her application that she wanted to attend the Grace Hopper conference “to meet the women who have come before me, found their standing, and will continue to push innovation in our field.” Shikha, a MS student advised by Professor Alin Deutsch, acknowledged in her application the importance of women’s professional conferences and societies to her growth as a computer scientist. Shikha also expressed her confidence in women’s ability to become successful regardless of the struggles they face. “My strong belief is that every woman has the capability of excelling in her professional life while fulfilling her responsibilities towards her family and friends. All it takes is strong determination and passion for one’s profession and interests.”

The 2013 Grace Hopper Travel Grant program will solicit applications in August 2013. If you have questions, please contact Kathy Krane at

Congratulations Christine and Shikha!