Center for Networked Systems Member Elected ACM Fellow in Class of 2017

Professor Geoffrey Voelker, ACM Fellow 2017

A faculty member affiliated with the Center for Networked Systems (CNS), Computer Science and Engineering professor Geoffrey M. Voelker, is one of three UC San Diego faculty elected Fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.

Voelker was honored for “contributions to empirical measurement and analysis in systems, networking and security.”

“Professor Voelker has been a pioneer in the field of computer systems and networking,” said CSE chair Dean Tullsen. “He richly deserves the honor of being elected by his peers to be Fellows of the ACM.”

Elected ACM Fellows represent the top 1% of ACM members for outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology. The induction of new ACM Fellows will take place on Saturday, June 23, 2018 in San Francisco at the annual ACM Awards Banquet.

Other Jacobs School faculty elected ACM Fellows’ Class of 2017 along with Voelker. They included CSE graphics and vision expert Ravi Ramamoorthi, and ECE/CSE professor Alexander Vardy, an expert in error-correcting codes and information theory.

The addition of Ramamoorthi, Vardy, and Voelker brings to 11 the number of ACM Fellows among active faculty in the CSE department. Prior honorees included Victor Vianu (2006), Pavel Pevzner (2010), Stefan Savage (2010), Dean Tullsen (2011), Andrew Kahng (2012), Yuanyuan Zhou (2013), Mihir Bellare (2013), and Rajesh Gupta (2016).

Professor Voelker joined the CSE faculty at UC San Diego nearly 18 years ago, in January 2000. He did so after earning his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington the same year. Voelker completed his undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in 1992, then moved to the University of Washington to get his M.S. (in 1995) and Ph.D.

Professor Voelker’s primary research interests include computer systems research in operating systems, distributed systems, networking, as well as mobile and wireless computing. Among his recent projects in networking and security, Voelker has worked in areas ranging from wireless networks to machine virtualization, cloud storage and cybercrime.

“My research is both experimental and empirical,” said Voelker. “As a result, a considerable amount of my work involves system and network measurement in addition to design, implementation and evaluation.” Exemplifying such work over his career, in 2017 Voelker accepted the Test of Time Award from the USENIX Security Conference, awarded for a landmark paper that won the conference’s Best Paper award 16 years earlier. The paper on “Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Attacks” provided the only publicly available data quantifying DDoS activity on the Internet at the time.  (Pictured: Voelker accepting the Test of Time Award from Stanford’s Dan Boneh at USENIX Security 2017.)

Voelker is a member of both the Systems and Networking research group in CSE, as well as the Security and Cryptography group. He is also affiliated with the Center for Networked Systems, Center for Wireless Communications, and Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute.

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