CSE Presence at Upcoming PLDI 2017

The ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2017) will get underway on June 19 in Barcelona, Spain. It’s a premier forum for all areas of programming language research, including design, implementation, theory and efficient use of languages.

CSE/CNS Prof. Sorin Lerner has had a hand in putting the program together as a member of the External Program Committee for PLDI 2017.

(l-r) CSE/CNS professors Sorin Lerner and Ranjit Jhala

CSE/CNS Prof. Ranjit Jhala, whose research focuses on techniques for building reliable computer systems, sits on the External Review Committee for the 2017 conference. He is also co-organizing a Tutorial track on “Refinement Types for Program Verification and Synthesis”, jointly with recent CSE/CNS alumna Niki Vazou (Ph.D. ’16), now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland, and MIT postdoctoral researcher Nadia Polikarpova (who in March presented in the CSE Colloquium Lecture Series on Type-Driven Program Synthesis).

CSE alumna Chandra Krintz
In addition to the two faculty members, one CSE alumna sits on the Steering Committee for PLDI 2017: Chandra Krintz (M.S., Ph.D. ’98, ’01). Krintz earned her doctoral degree under advisor (and former CSE faculty member) Brad Calder. Following graduation, she joined the computer science faculty at UC Santa Barbara, where she is now a full professor. Her research interests include programming support and adaptive optimization for cloud computing applications and systems, as well as techniques for efficient interoperation and integration of web services.
In her spare time, Krintz co-founded the company AppScale Systems, Inc., where she remains Chief Scientist in a part-time role. Recently her work has focused on the intersection of IoT, cloud computing and data analytics with applications in farming and ranching (SmartFarm) and health management (Vigilance).