CNS Summer Internship Program

The UCSD Center for Networked Systems is designed to foster multidisciplinary research as well as close collaboration and communication between corporate and academic researchers. The CNS graduate summer internship program is a key element supporting development of collaborative relationships.

Specifically, this program:

  • Places graduate summer interns at member companies
  • Encourages the development of joint CNS-member company research
  • Builds relationships and communication channels between CNS researchers and member company technical staff

The program successfully focuses the internship projects to be aligned with corporate research interests, faculty research interests, and in support of synergy between the companies and CNS. The program has been successfully operating for several years, sending dozens of top UCSD graduate students to member companies. In many of these cases, the corporate and CNS researchers have continued to work together throughout the following academic year and in some cases the student’s PhD dissertation topic grew out of work that began with the internship and continued through close collaboration with company researchers.
The CNS summer internship program is integral to fostering continuing collaborations between our industrial partners and UCSD faculty. Each year, CNS faculty and industrial members jointly define projects and identify appropriate graduate students to carry out the work during three-month internships at the company site. Many of these internships lead to joint publications and longer-term efforts that continue during the school year or define the students PhD dissertation topic. Click on a year for information about past internships.