Research Review – October 2014

Research Review Agenda
Research Review Attendees

New Projects

Correctness of Reactive Systems
Daniel Ricketts
Presenter: Daniel Ricketts
Security Analysis of a Full-Body Scanner
Hovav Shacham
Presenter: Keaton Mowery
On-line Characterization and Thermal Management of Mobile Phones
Presenter: Francesco Paterna and Shruti Patil
Securing Web Applications with Predicate Access Control
Presenter: Zhaoma Yang
Photonic Technologies and Devices in Data Center Networks
Presenter: George Papen

Status Reports

“Datacenter Fault Discovery with SDNs” (sponsored by Google)
PIs: Kenneth Yocum and Alex C. Snoeren
Presenter: Arjun Roy
“Empirically Characterizing Domain Abuse and the Revenue Impact of Blacklisting” (sponsored by Google)
PIs: Kirill Levchenko, Stefan Savage, Alex C. Snoeren and Geoffrey M. Voelker
Presenter: Neha Chachra
“REACTOR: Hybrid Networking” (sponsored by Google)
PIs: George Porter, George Papen and Alex C. Snoeren
Presenter: He “Lonnie” Liu
“Knock it Off: Profiling the Online Storefronts of Counterfeit Merchandise” (sponsored by Microsoft)
PIs: Stefan Savage and Geoffrey M. Voelker
Presenter: Matthew Der
“Themis: An I/O-efficient MapReduce” (sponsored by Cisco and NSF)
PI: George Porter
Presenter: Michael Conley
“Proactive Methods in Dealing with Configuration Problems” (sponsored by Microsoft)
PI: YY Zhou
Presenter: Ryan Huang
“Replicating Non-Volatile Main Memory” (sponsored by VMWare)
PI: Steven Swanson
Presenter: Yiying Zhang

Keynote and Industrial Talks

Welcome and Overview
Stefan Savage, CNS Interim Director
Keynote Speaker
Julian McAuley, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD
“Understanding Opinions and Preferences in Product Networks”
Student Project Lighting RoundYiying Zhang,
Jinseok Yang,
Tianyin Xu,
Michael Wei,
Chang-heng Wang,
Hung-wei Tseng,Henrique Rodrigues,
Kunal Korgaonkar,
Christine Chan and Jagannathan Venkatesh,
Alper Sinan Akyurek, and
Baris Aksanli

Poster Session

Alper Sinan Akyurek Smart Grid as the Swarm
Bharathan Balaji Fault Analysis Engine for HVAC systems in Commercial Buildings
Michael Conley I/O-Efficient MapReduce in the Cloud
Anusha Lalitha Social Learning and Distributed Hypothesis Testing
He “Lonnie” Liu Switch Scheduling in a Hybrid World
Vicky Papavasileiou Arachne: Big Lineage Analysis for Graph Analytics
Francesco Paterna Dynamic Variability Management in Mobile Multicore Processors under Lifetime Constraints
Henrique Rodrigues Traffic Optimization in Multi-Layered WANs using SDN
Malveeka Tewari SmartNIC: Extensible NIC Design for Hybrid Data Center Networks
Jagannathan Venkatesh and Christine Chan Ontology-driven context engine for the Internet of Things
Chang-heng Wang Optimal Scheduling for Wireless Assisted All-Optical Data Center Networks
Michael Wei A Peer to Peer, Local Area Disaggreated System
Yiying Zhang Mojim: A Reliable and Highly-Available Persistent Memory System